After spending years writing technical documents, I had some ideas about writing a children's story. Born out of the frustration of how bullying has taken on new dimensions and the desire to contribute something useful for children to read, Windsor The Bullied Wooly Mammoth was born. From there I just kept on writing and now have a few other stories in process. Hopefully in some small way, children can identify with these stories and with that, help them navigate the sometimes difficult hallways of life.


ISBN-13: 978-0989491105


The story of a bullied Wooly Mammoth, his best friend and how a group of dinosaurs find a way to convince a mean Tyrrannosaurus Rex that bullying and the subsequent behavior is bad. Windsor The Bullied Wooly Mammoth incorporates social media and technology into the world of bullying and introduces children to emotions associated with this behavior. Now, more than ever, children need to be given tools to deal with bullying in order to keep them from making decisions based upon emotions that are misunderstood.


ISBN-13: 978-0989491112

​Story of a young little monkey named Maya who's tale is so long that all of her friends make fun of her. Bordering on bullying, the teasing has made Maya feel that if the tale was gone her friends would accept her and life would be wonderful. What happens next is astonishing and Maya realizes she has no other choice but to act. The end is an exercise in acceptance that all little girls should read.....


A little girl, her favorite carousel horse and an imagination is all it takes to ride away into the sunset with your best friend. Carousel wants to run free like all the other horses. Darla can't believe her favorite carousel horse can talk. Together they embark on amazing adventures to far away places that only Darla could imagine. A must bed time story for any child.


                                COMING SOON....!!!


They say a smile can get you anywhere. While hammin' it up for his fans, Brett Bullet finds out his smile might be a problem. As the goalie for his hockey team, Brett Bullet must be focused on the opposition and what's happening on the ice. When hammin' it up for his fans becomes more important than watching the puck, Brett learns a valuable lesson in staying in the moment and being a valuable teammate...